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Model NO. Translucency46% Strength 1100Mpa
Model NO. super translucency zirconia Block
Model NO. PMMA Block
Model NO. Translucency 43%-57% Strength 700Mpa-1050Mpa
Model NO. Zirconia Sintering Furnace
Model NO. Dental Implant Screwdriver
Model NO. HappyZir ST White zirconia blocks, Translucency: 41%, Strength: 1200Mpa
Model NO. Cmill-A5 5 Axis Dental Milling Machine
Model NO. HappyZir HT White block 98,95, AG For making coping,Translucency:37%, Strength:1350Mpa
Model NO. HappyZir UT Ultra translucency White zirconia block,Translucency: 49%, Strength: 700Mpa

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