Vsmile Dental Polishing Kit


When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your dental restoration, there are plenty of options available to lab technicians. If you do a little homework, you’ll be sure to find a polishing kit that can help you work efficiently with the materials you choose for each case. Here’s a look at 5 rotary instrument options to consider that will help you complete your cases.

Complete Highly Efficient Diamond Polishing System for Finishing And Polishing All-ceramic Restorations

Package Include

4 pieces of HP Diamond Burs

2pieces of Diamond Discs Mounted

6 pieces of Diamond Stones

4 pieces of Diamond polishing wheels

2 pieces of Diamond polishing burs

5 pieces of Diamond Twist polishers

1 piece of Polishing brush.


Dental Laboratory Ceramic and Porcelain Grinding Kit Popular HP Bur Set For Hard Materials Finishing and Polishing

Package Include

10 pieces of HP Diamond burs

4 pieces of Diamond Discs mounted

6 pieces of HP Green Stones

3 pieces of Silicon Rubber wheel-mounted

8 pieces of Silicon Rubber Polishers

4 pieces of Polishing brushes

Popular HP Bur Kit for Grinding and Polishing Acrylic Resin Dental Laboratory Consumables 3LR00

Package Include

2 pieces of HP Tungsten Carbide Cutters
32 pieces of HP Silicon rubber Polishers
10 pieces of Polishing brushes
3 pieces of Woolen Felt polishing brushes

Metal Alloy Titanium Cocr Composite Materials Finishing and Polishing Kit Dental Laboratory HP Burs 3A001

Package Include

5 pieces of HP sintered diamond burs
4 pieces of HP Tungsten Carbide Cutters
10 pieces of HP Tungsten Carbide burs

4 pieces of white stones

2 pieces of Pink stones

10 pieces of HP Silicone Polishers

3 pieces of Rubber wheel-mounted

1 piece of woolen felt wheel-mounted

5 pieces of HP polishing brushes

Vsmile Diamond-infused Spiral Tool Kit

Specifically developed for use with zirconia and lithium disilicate restorative materials, these instruments are designed to leave a smooth surface during the contouring process. The Vsmile diamond-infused spiral provides a flexing action that allows the instrument’s fingers to get into difficult occlusal areas. With the UltraBerry (coarse plus), RedBerry (coarse), BlueBerry (medium), and GoldenBerry (fine, high shine) instruments, lab technicians and clinicians can make final adjustments, refine occlusal anatomy, and create a high-shine polish.