About Long Bridge Deformation


                                                                                                 About Long Bridge Deformation

According to the actual customer case, Vsmile will analyze the reasons for the "long bridge deformation" with you.

Long bridge deformation case analysis:

Causes of deformation:
A, the firing time is too short
B, fired with too many crowns
C, not fully dried after dyeing
D, the strength and thickness of the designed crown are not enough
E, the setting of the sintered plate is not strong enough


A: Extend the sintering curve, preferably for more than ten hours
B: The long bridge should be fired separately. Most goods should be fired together with the crown. It should not be too close to the long bridge.
C: Extend the drying time. The long bridge and sintered plate need to be dried for more than one hour
D: When designing, try to thicken the connection part as much as possible
E: Set the sintering plate according to the following drawings
HT/ST /ST Color/STML  Sintering Curve (10 units)
Sintering step Start Temperature() End Temperature() Time(Min) Rate(/Min)
Step 1 20 300 30 9.3
Step 2 300 1200 190 4.7
Step 3 1200 1530 150 2.2
Step 4 1530 1530 120 0
Step 5 1530 800 120 -6
Step 6 800 natural cooling 20 120 -6.5