Characteristics Of Zirconium Dioxide All-ceramic Teeth


Characteristics Of Zirconium Dioxide All-ceramic Teeth

1. Aesthetic effect

Zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth have good light permeability, which is close to real teeth. The color of the base crown is even more white, and its refractive index is basically close to that of natural teeth, which can have excellent aesthetic effects. Moreover, the zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth will not turn black, darken, and blue after a period of time, which solves one of the most difficult problems of metal porcelain crowns.

2. Precision and edge tightness

The production of zirconia all-ceramic teeth is made by computer-aided design, which ensures the accuracy of the mold inner crown and excellent edge tightness, so that the porcelain tooth and the abutment of the mouth are very close, and greatly reduces the risk of root inflammation after restoration. Morbidity.

3. Biocompatibility

Zirconium dioxide is a high-tech biological material with good biocompatibility, does not cause gum staining, has no irritation to gums, no allergies, and has no adverse effects on the human body. It is very suitable for oral cavity.

4. High density and high strength

Zirconium dioxide has unique crack resistance and strong curing performance after cracking, which solves the problem that traditional porcelain dental systems cannot be used as long bridges. Although zirconium dioxide all-ceramic teeth have many advantages, their technical requirements are also very high. Doctors must have a high clinical level to prepare the teeth to a suitable shape. The bonding of all-ceramic dental restorations also requires special materials. , Which means that only high-level prosthetic doctors can master the technique well.