Production Process Of Dentures


Production Process Of Dentures

Step 1: If a patient needs dental implants, they will go to the dental clinic to see a dentist for treatment. The dentist will ask the patient to bite out a dental model, or the dentist will directly scan the patient’s gums and teeth with a dental scanner to form a digital dental model. The dentist will send the dental model to the laboratory. Some dental clinics are relatively large and well equipped, and the dentist has rich experience and knows how to make dentures. They can directly make the next step of dentures in the dental clinic.

Step 2: The shape of the zirconia block purchased by the dental laboratory is similar to a small circular dish, which is completely different from the shape of our teeth. The dental technician first needs to carve the zirconia block and carve the zirconia block into the shape of a real tooth. The technician in the dental laboratory will carve the zirconia block into a denture that matches the shape of the patient's teeth based on the dental model sent by the dental office. Under normal circumstances, a block of zirconia can carve a whole tooth.

Step 3: The carved dentures are actually raw zirconia. As we mentioned above, the hardness of raw zirconia cannot meet people's occlusal requirements, so technicians need to use professional dental equipment to process zirconia teeth. The treated zirconia teeth, also known as porcelain teeth, are harder than our real teeth.

Step 4: The dental laboratory sends the dentures back to the dental clinic, which usually takes 15 working days.

Step 5: The dentist informs the patient to perform implant surgery for dentures.