Vsmile Acetal Resin


Here’s a Q&A with everything you ever needed to know about Acetal cos dentists are increasingly prescribing metal-free, removable partial dentures today.

What is Vsmile Acetal?

Vsmile Acetal is a millable thermoplastic that provides dental technicians and dentists with a digital material that is well suited for a wide variety of removable appliances. The highly crystalline acetal copolymer possesses high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, low friction, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability.

What are the benefits of removable partial dentures made from Acetal?

Acetal makes esthetic, durable, metal free tooth borne removable partial dentures. The patient will appreciate the comfort, the ease of inserting and removing, the lack of a metallic taste, and no thermal conductivity when drinking cold or hot beverages.

How strong is Acetal?

Vsmile Acetal has a flexural strength of 85 MPa.

How is the Acetal removable partial denture different from one made of metal?

The clasps on the Acetal removable partial dentures are more flexible than metal clasps, so they can fully engage the undercuts. This also allows for more minimally invasive case design, as no healthy tooth structure needs to be removed to create rest preps.

Will the Acetal discolor over time?

Acetal absorbs virtually no water, so provides years of service without discoloring or developing odors.

How sensitive is the Acetal to temperature?

The thermoplastic material melts at 392˚F, so is very stable at normal body temperatures.

Is the Acetal frame adjustable?

The material is easily and cleanly ground with the same carbide burs used to adjust denture base resin.

Can Acetal clasps be modified?

Minor adjustments to the clasps can be made chairside by heating them gently with hot air (a flame will burn them) or using pre-heated pliers.

Will the Acetal removable partial denture framework break?

The material has been used successfully in the mouth worldwide for 25 years. Over that time, reported breakages have been very rare, but any removable appliance can be subject to failure depending on handling, etc.

Can I repair the Acetal removable partial denture frame or clasp if it breaks?

Your laboratory has the equipment and training necessary to quickly and easy make minor repairs without have to fabricate a new application.

How resistant is the material to scratches?

The patient should avoid cleaning the plastic with a harsh abrasive or hard-bristled brush. Any over the counter denture cleanser will be safe and effective.

Will the material melt?

See above.

Does the Acetal withstand bacteria?

Can’t make that claim; that turns it into a drug or anti-bacterial.

How do I adjust and polish the Acetal frame?

It can be polished with pumice and rag wheel.

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