Vsmile Dental Acetal Resin


Acetal resin can be use for a number of purposes, including dentures, Dental D clasps, space maintainers and bridges. This type of resin is shock resistant and non-allergenic, making it a popular alternative to acrylic resins and metal.

Due to these non-allergenic properties, acetal resin is a strong and aesthetic alternative to metal clasps. Dental D clasps manufactured with acetal resin exhibit long-term colour stability and are available in a range of Vita shades to match both teeth and tissue. Clasps can be directly applied to a denture or added to an existing denture to improve its aesthetic appearance.

Product Features:

  • Aesthetic tooth colour clasps
  • Non-metallic
  • Tough and will not distort
  • Vita Shade Guide in 16 shades
  • Outstanding biocompatibility
  • Suitable for partials and unilateral
  • Combination framework/tooth colour clasps
  • Space maintainers and removable bridges

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